Home Africa Youths Essay Competition 2018 – Win scholarship or a trip to China worth $5000

Africa Youths Essay Competition 2018 – Win scholarship or a trip to China worth $5000

Africa Youths Essay Competition 2018 – Win scholarship or a trip to China worth $5000


May 15, 2018.

The relationship between China and Africa of recent times has been on the rise.The major development project witnessed in Africa  by the cooperation of China and Africa is the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Kenya .The railway has led to the development of retail industry, making transportation more convenient.It has highly contributed to solving the unemployment issue by providing more than 300 direct jobs and about 5000 indirect jobs to the people of Kenya. Hence contributing to the development of the countrys economic growth leading to improved living standard of the people .And in September 2018, the China – Africa’s BBS summit will be held in Beijing.

KEENISTA, which is a cooperation between Chinese university students and African students is also known by Kenyans as a platform for enhancing China-Africa friendship and sharing of ideas to empower both young and elderly in the Kenyan society. An example can be made of MPESA, where Kenyans now  enjoy the benefits of mobile payments and transfers of money ,payment of goods,bills and online banking services which has improved online transactions and shopping.It has also provided job opportunities to a large number of Kenyans .This is what Keenista stands for ,Keenista seek to provide the platform for more Africans to network,collaborate,connect and fund talented Africans to realize their dreams.

 Have you enjoyed the Stabdard Gauge Railway(SGR)? Have you used Mpesa ? What do you want to do for your country today ? What do you think of these developments? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What are your dreams?

  KEENISTA is here to make your dreams a reality.You must want to share your own story with us, and you can do it now!

 Participate in Keenista Essay competition now and win $5,000 

The Theme Topic

Strong Youths Makes A Strong Nation


  • A community with a shared future of China and Africa
  • Your vision of African Youths
  • Your proposals to build a better nation
  • Your opinions on the One Belt, One Road Initiative
  • Your views on the relationship between African youths and the use of Internet
  • Your story and your dream
  • Other and more
Please choose any of above examples to share your ideas, or you can choose the one that is not mentioned above, but your article must be covered by a point of view.


  • The Commercial Press(CP)
  • Zhang Zhongxiang, Professor of the African studies center of Shanghai Normal University
  • The China-Africa youth association


All eligible essays will be posted on the website,  and there will be 30 outstanding essays compiled into a book.

The best 17 outstanding participants will be awarded as follows:

  • Top1: A $5,000 scholarship or equivalent Chinese internship subsidy
  • Top2-top7: A $150 Xiaomi phone
  • Top8-top17: $100 online shop owner start-up subsidy
  • Top1-top3 popular contestants: A $50 bonus

There is a $50 bonus prizes for three most popular contestants respectively:

  • Get the most LIKE one
  • Get the most COMMENT one
  • Get the most SHARE one

For all participants:

  • All participants will receive a $1 – $10 random coupon from NEWX Fashion


Honorable Award

There are 30 selected essays will be compiled into a book, which will be presented to the President of Some African Countries and the Chinese President.


African youths of age 18 – 40 years old

Essay Requirements

  • The essay has to be in English language
  • The essay must be centered around the essay topic “Strong Youth Makes Strong Nation”
  • Not less than 2000 words
  • You can choose your own article tittle
  • Formatted as a PDF
  • The essay must be original by the author , Plagiarism is strictly prohibited,Upon discovery, all entries will be disqualified and legal liability will be held if necessary.
  • The organizer owns all the right to interpret the event.
  • We don’t want you indulge in empty talk, but to share your own actual stories.

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If you haven’t received an email from keenista after you submitted, which means your submission is unsuccessful,

then please send your document to :



  • Participant’s name, location, profession and contact information (Email, Tel, WhatsApp, WeChat) should be included at the beginning of the document.
  • Please attach 5 personal photos and a personal profile of no more than 50 words at the end of the essay.



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